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Academic Visit to Imagineering Institute


JOHOR BAHARU, December 6, 2017 - The Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia (CITM) had sent an academic group consisting of four staff, namely Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Ahmad Jaafar Wan Yahaya (Director), Dr. Chau Kien Tsong (Senior Lecturer), Ms. Ayda Fatahiyah, and Ms. Amirah Sa'adah (Animation Producers), to visit the Imagineering Institute, a research laboratory located in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia. This visit was a CITM event where participants of the delegation were given the opportunity to be exposed to the latest research and technology related to the digital media industry.



As an institution aims to be the premier digital research and development institute, the CITM delegates is proud to be welcomed by Mr. Charles J. Thomas (CEO, The Hangout Malaysia), Dr. Kevin S. Bielawski (Research fellow in the United States), Dr. Thejitha (senior researcher), Mohammed Al-Alas (researcher), Ms Somaiyeh Vedadi (researcher), and Miss Halimahtuss Saadiah Rosdin (Engineer).

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 The tour lasted for 3 hours, starting at 10.00 pm and ending at 2.00 pm. The event began with an overview of the Imagineering Institute by Dr. Kevin and Mr. Charles. It was followed by seven demonstrations of research results that captured the eyes of CITM delegates. Amongst them were the Laboratory Olfactometer that generates remedial smells to patients, Kissenger which digitised human kisses, Digital Smell Interface and Electric Taste Interface that produces digital sense without the use of chemicals, Picture Book for children who are visually impaired, In-Visible Island and so on. It was found that their research products rely on the use of electronic materials that require engineering knowledge, science, and computer programming. The entire tour ended with souvenir exchange between the two parties.


picture source: http://imagineeringinstitute.org/lab-visit-and-demo-prof-madya-dr-wan-ahmad-jaafar-wan-yahaya-director-of-ptpm-and-team-from-universiti-sains-malaysia-6122017/

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