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Graduate Programs

PTPM@CITM offers three postgraduate degrees in the field of instructional / educational technology: 

1. Master of Instructional Multimedia (MIM) 
2. Master of Art (MA) 
3. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


PTPM Handbook 2018
Research Areas (for PhD and MA) :
  • Educational innovation
  • IT and Multimedia in education
  • Web / Internet based teaching and learning
  • Management of educational / training resources
  • Evaluation of instructional technology / training technology
  • Instructional system development
  • Design and development of multimedia / video / training materials
  • Instructional technology
  • Training technology
  • Human-Computer Interface / Interaction
  • Constructivism in instructional technology
Master of Instructional Multimedia
The Masters of Instructional Multimedia (MIM) program is offered to semi professionals, professionals as well as graduates from various educational and training backgrounds. It provides an opportunity to educators and professionals in the application and production of multimedia in education and training. It also allows an avenue for industries and training centers to train and improve their human resource. Graduates from this program would be able to contribute in marketing their products and services, as well as enhance their corporate images through the application of multimedia primarily in training, corporate communication, promotional planning, resource management etc.


Core Courses: 24 units
QIM 501E/4 * Instructional Design & Delivery
QIM 503/4 Visual Communication
QIM 504E/4 * Multimedia Authoring
QIM 505/4 Multimedia Project Management
QIM 511/4 Research Methods and Issues in Instructional Multimedia
QIM 512E/4 * Multimedia Based Instructional Design

Elective Courses: 12 units
QIM 502/4 Human Computer Interaction
QIM 506/4 3D Visualization and Animation
QIM 507/4 Web-Based Training and Management
QIM 508/4 Digital Audio & Video Production
QIM 509E/4 * Web-based Programming
QIM 510/2 Topical Seminar

Practicum Course: 6 units
QIM 520/6 Research Internship

Note: The * indicates that these courses will be conducted in English.

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